the Cascade Mountain Boys

The StringCats with
Julian Smedley, Mick Nicholson, Roger Ferguson and Mike Faast

The Jangles

Frank Grace and Mike

the Archtops with Julian Smedley, Frank Grace, Dennis Staskowski, & Mike Faast

the StringCats with Roger Ferguson, Julian Smedley, Bryce Van Paris % Mike Faast

Brother’s Keeper with Stephen Burwell, Mike Ferrel, Rick Meade, Terry Enyeart and Mike Faast

the Archtops Trio

the Archtops at the Mercer Wine Walk

the Archtops with Eric Likkel, Mick Nicholson,Robert Shaffer on Drums

the Archtops with T-bird

Mike and Roger (StringCats Duo)

the Archtops with Hank Witherspoon on Sax

Mike and Fiddle Legend Johnny Gimble

Mike Faast

Jazzin’ for Jesus at Christ the King

Brother’s Keeper