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Hello music fans and welcome to Way Out West Entertainment! Way Out West is  home to the Archtops rhythm & jazz band, the Brother’s Keeper Band, the Cascade Mountain Boys, the Jangles, the String Cats, and  Country/Jazz Singer/Band Leader, Mike Faast.

Way Out West, is an entertainment company dedicated to promoting American Roots Music, whether you like Bluegrass, Country, Gospel, Jazz, Swing, or Western Swing, we have a band for you.

MikeHeadShotAWe can provide music for festivals, churches, weddings, town fairs, private events and more. Simply click on the menu tabs for the band of your choice, you’ll find pictures, videos, music, testimonials, and sound samples that will help you select the appropriate band for your event.

We also have a music store (Way out West Records,) powered by pay pal, where you can purchase CD’s.

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Mike Faast – Founder – WOW Entertainment & (MikeFaastMusic.com)

Links to Bands

The Archtops  —  Rhythm & Jazz

Brother’s Keeper Bluegrass Band  —  Bluegrass Gospel

Brother’s Keeper Duo  —  Bluegrass Gospel

Cascade Mountain Boys  —  Bluegrass & Bluegrass Gospel

The Jangles Band  —  Western Swing/Cowboy Classics

The String Cats  —  String Swing

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You will find the schedule of  performances here.

And Mike’s Bio here.

We have music for the following venues:

Church  — Festivals  — Weddings  — Restaurants

You can email Mike at: mikefaast@gmail.com